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Why Cook with YKC?

Whisking, chopping, talking, laughing. . . that’s what’s in store for you and your child when you embark upon the learning-to-cook adventure with Your Kids: Cooking!

What’s makes YKC unique?

In a word — EVERYTHING! From the step-by-step video demonstrations for preparing each recipe to our unique and kid-friendly recipe format with pictures of every step to the 20 family meals that kids prepare all on their own (with supervision by an adult “sous chef”), cooking with YKC offers a whole new way for kids to learn to cook.

Our Recipe for Success Includes:



A DVD with complete step-by-step recipe preparation demonstrations that teaches kids everything they need to know, so you don’t have to.

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Kid Friendly Recipe Format

A special kid-friendly recipe format with pictures of every step so kids can complete each recipe all on their own.

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Nutrition Guidelines

Nutrition guidelines so kids learn how to make every meal a healthy one.

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Streamlined Recipe-lessons

Streamlined recipe-lessons that fit effortlessly into your normal meal preparation routine so you can enjoy quality time with your kids while they learn a valuable, lifelong skill!

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Using recipes that appeal to kids and adults alike, budding chefs experience success and a sense of pride and accomplishment as they prepare delicious, healthy, complete meals to share with the entire family.

The unique, multimedia approach used in the program puts kids 100% in charge of the entire meal preparation process, while you—acting as sous chef— are right there at their side, providing help when needed, keeping things safe, and offering support and encouragement.

So, whether you’re comfortable in the kitchen or not, our unique approach offers a fun, easy, and guaranteed way to get your kids cooking—and eating—healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals the whole family can enjoy!

What do kids learn?

In just 10 easy recipe-lessons, young chefs will master over 100 cooking skills, techniques, and terms along with essential strategies that make preparing healthy meals and snacks a snap. The recipes are sequenced so that each recipe-lesson offers a delicious opportunity to learn new skills, as well as reinforce previously learned skills, empowering aspiring young chefs with all the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience they need to cook anything they want!

And with access to an additional 100 recipes on our website, you’ll have plenty of delicious opportunities to continue the learning beyond the book.

But that’s not all! In order to cook healthy, kids need to understand what it means to eat healthy, so our program also teaches the basics of nutrition and how to make healthy food choices. Following the guidelines established by the USDA, young chefs learn about:


  • The five food groups that are the building blocks of a healthy diet
  • How to build a healthy plate
  • Which foods to eat more of
  • Which foods to eat less of
  • Empty calories and how to limit them

The more kids understand about nutrition, the easier it is for them make healthy food choices – now, and for the rest of their lives.