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Easy-Fix Option Recipes

Easy-Fix Recipes offer a quicker and easier preparation for each recipe using short cuts that cut down on prep time.

Great for younger chefs or when time (or energy) is in short supply.

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Expand Your Horizons!

Recipe Collections Expand Your Horizons! recipes offer an opportunity for young chefs to practice their new skills and continue to develop their confidence and creativity in the kitchen. Expand Your Horizons! recipes are written in the same easy-to-follow, kid friendly format as the Test Your Skills practice recipe so young chefs can use them all on their own!

CLICK HERE to select from 100 Expand Your Horizons Recipes to keep the learning alive!


Equipment Buyer’s Guide

There are many considerations when purchasing kitchen equipment and cookware. Sometimes it pays to buy the highest quality you can afford, and other times the least expensive option will do just fine. Learn when high quality/high price may be worth it, and when it’s not necessary. Also, read about different options so you can decide which ones are right for you.

CLICK HERE to download a comprehensive guide to help select the right kitchen tools and equipment for your kitchen (COMING SOON!).


Recipe-Lesson Support

Click on a recipe for helpful tips, recipe variations, Complete Your Meal directions, and more support and resources for the recipe-lesson.


1. French Toast 6. Stir-Fry
2. Mac and Cheese 7. Eggs Benedict
3. Tamale Pie 8. Chicken Parmesan
4. Quiche 9. Pork Chops with Pan Sauce
5. Spaghetti and Meatballs 10. Pot Roast