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DVD Clips

Each target recipe in the book is accompanied by a step-by-step video demonstration that teaches kids how to prepare the recipe from start to finish.

The video demonstrations are presented in 3 separate segments:

Get Ready!

Introduces kids to the recipe, provides a brief overview of how the recipe is made, and ends with providing kids with a list of all the ingredients and utensils they need to make the recipe.

Get Set!

Provides step-by-step demonstrations for all the prep work that needs to be done before the cooking begins.

Get Cooking!

Provides step-by-step demonstrations of all the cooking steps and how to prepare the final meal.



The DVD stops automatically after each phase of the meal preparation process to allow kids all the time they need to complete the steps on their own following the instructions in their book. When kids are ready to move on to the next phase of the recipe preparation, they hit “continue” on the DVD to move on to the next segment of the recipe demonstration.